About Us

Wahaj Medical Company is a Saudi national company, born out of the rational vision of the Kingdom at the end of 2018 AD. The company works to provide innovative solutions to the health sector within the Kingdom through a group of pharmacies spread across many cities in the Kingdom, with the group focusing on the societal role of pharmacies. The company also took the lead in importing and distributing many international and local brands exclusively in all cities of the Kingdom through professional sales management and using the best storage methods, with organized and advanced logistical support covering all cities of the Kingdom. Given that manufacturing is one of the most important pillars of economic development, the company was keen to develop locally made products with international quality and competitive prices, and its first production was Ninocare baby and skin care products. In addition to all of the above, the company did not ignore the role that electronic commerce represents in the global economy, so the company developed the Ucare online store, which is currently considered one of the most important electronic stores within the Kingdom.

Our Values

  • Integrity: Wahaj is committed to integrity in choosing what suits society and taking into account values Ethical in everything we do
  • Leadership: Providing innovative solutions to improve the health sector.
  • Cooperation: Work as a cohesive team towards achieving company goals
  • Quality: Ensuring high quality is at the core of everything we do
  • Innovation: Providing innovative business solutions that keep pace with the aspirations and vision of the Kingdom
  • Sustainability: Achieving financial and environmental sustainability are the basic pillars on which we rely To her

Our Vision

To be the leading company in the health sector in the Kingdom and then the Middle East region.
committed to providing innovative health and beauty care solutions to our customers throughout their lives. By placing our customers at the heart of everything we do, and by leveraging the unique scientific and medical capabilities of our partners globally, in the field of health research and development. As well as providing a range of advanced solutions by partnering with medical institutions, pharmacies, other healthcare providers, the medical and academic communities, public service entities and business communities

Our Goal

  • Developing the current work team, including Saudi competencies, and ensuring… Continuous training and development, with the development of a performance, safety and quality tracking system
  • Expanding horizontally in various regions of the Kingdom and penetrating the Gulf market
  • Forming strategic partnerships with the most important global and local economic entities
  • Ensuring the growth and development of the local national product
  • The company owns its own trademarks
  • To be among the best three companies in the Kingdom in the health field
  • Healthy growth, sustainability, and financial stability

Our Mission

Providing innovative solutions to the health sector through a professional technical staff, while raising the relative value of the national product.

The Quality

We challenge standards with our uniqueness and commitment to the highest standards of quality and excellence. We reflect a strong dedication to providing healthy and safe products, as quality is strictly monitored through a quality management system certified under the ISO 9001/2015 certificate and holds a 14001 certificate in the environmental management system and a 45001 certificate in the occupational health and safety management system. We are also keen to provide the best medical supplies and preparations. Health in accordance with the standards of the Food and Drug Authority. Thanks to our professional quality team and certified warehouses, we achieve the highest levels of trust for our customers in the health and beauty sectors.


We map organizational paths to achieve maximum effectiveness and transparency. The department carefully monitors and analyzes internal operations, focusing on achieving compliance with industry standards and regulations. We strive to ensure harmony between the company’s strategic objectives and governance principles, with a focus on achieving maximum value for shareholders and customers. With the support of a dedicated team, we enhance our understanding of the challenges and nurture a sustainable future for our business, reflecting our commitment to the highest standards of governance and responsibility in business management.


Our firm commitment to achieving a balance between economic, environmental and social dimensions. The department leads sustainability initiatives, striving to implement sustainable environmental practices and promote social responsibility in all aspects of the company’s business. With the support of a specialized team, we seek to achieve innovation and develop sustainable solutions that contribute to protecting the environment and improving the quality of life of the communities we serve. Our vision of sustainability extends to achieving long-term benefits for customers and shareholders, which makes us effectively contribute to building a sustainable and prosperous future.
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