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Wahag Pharmacies Group is considered one of the most promising pharmacies in the health sector in Saudi Arabia, but despite the intense competition from major pharmacy chains, the group was able to spread in many cities of the Kingdom such as Riyadh, Al-Kharj and Hafr Al-Batin. We seek to spread horizontally in the middle and eastern regions, and there are expansion plans for the regular spread in the r of the Kingdom’s regions during the coming years.
Also, pharmacies have a societal view, in terms of providing medicines that may have some shortage in the local market, as well as providing medical supplies, skincare, and hair care products at competitive prices and different offers during the year, which made our pharmacies is a strong competitor for other pharmacies in its vicinity.


We are considered one of the first companies that took care of and supported sales exhibitions of care products and contributed to the spread of a large market for retail trade of care and cosmetics products inside the Kingdom. The company was the first to obtain exclusive distribution rights for a group of strong brands, like: (Alfaparf, Retinol, Flexitol, Stada, Avalon, Eveline, Bayer, Galderma, Ego, More…)
The company has also expanded in sales of medicines and medical supplies, in addition to the company’s endeavor to add new products to its list of products, whether through exclusive distribution, international agencies, or local manufacturing.


The company owns one of the most important electronic stores for care and cosmetics products, it was launched at the beginning of the year ٢٠٢٠, and during the last two years the website and the application developed in terms of the number of products that exceeded twenty thousand products, the number of customers, basket value, and the number of daily operations carried out on it. During the previous period, many large advertising campaigns were carried out, whether by celebrities, for example (Afnan Al-Batel – Yara Al-Namla – Reem Abdullah – Hind Al-Fawzan – Haifa Suleiman – Hind Al-Qahtani – Model Rose – Mroj Al-Rahili – Waad Muhammad),
and through paid advertising campaigns on various social media platforms. The company is currently seeking to develop the site and the current application, whether by adding many other international brands and new brands to the company and adding new sections and products. Also, work in progress to develop a new application for the health sector. In addition, the company has the exclusive rights to distribute some international and local brands on global electronic selling platforms such as Amazon.


Manufacturing is one of the most important pillars For economic development in any country, and who On the basis of state support for national industry, Inspired by the rational vision of the Kingdom, Wahag Medical Company has headed towards… Local manufacturing and started with a production line For baby care products under the label NinoCare brand products Manufactured locally to the highest quality standards Global with competitive prices. As trending The company currently manufactures production lines For skin care products and medicines Vitality.
Currently, production is carried out in national factories that are certified and have the highest quality standards as a first stage. We have an expansion plan to establish a national factory for the company to produce the brands that prove successful during the first stage.

Logistics Services

Facilitating the supply chain and improving distribution performance. Achieving maximum efficiency in inventory management and providing innovative logistical solutions. The scope of logistics services includes organizing transportation, warehousing and order management, with a focus on meeting customer needs efficiently and with the highest levels of quality. The logistics team has extensive experience, which makes it an indispensable part of the company’s successes in facilitating operations and improving the customer experience
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